As always, please notify me of any errors you find in this website at and PLEASE - if you feel up to it and you find any pages that are missing information, and you have the text to fill in the blank, I'd be glad to add the info and give you the credit for it.


Well, obviously I don't spend a lot of my spare time here anymore, so I thought I'd at least stop in and upload the newest copy of the contents of my TA Design Guide.  Download this entire TA Design Guide in a single ZIP file.


Just popped in to say Hi.  Nothing new.  I'm too busy lately with my 2 year old and trying to find an occasional hour to play Caesar III and an occasional game of TA.


Boy, time sure flies when you're busy.  Not much new here, but I'm getting rumors that the teleportation units really don't teleport....they just load/unload like transports with very long and very fast arms.  Oh well.

As always, I'm looking for anybody to help fill in the blanks I have in my map design guide section of this web page.  If you feel up to the task, simply send me any text files that you may have that have the information I need.  Thanks again.    Keep checking back, and in the meantime, keep voting for me on the TA Top 200!


I just caught wind from that a group called Inner Units has developed the first known working teleportation units.  I'll see what makes them tick ASAP and get the information integrated into the guide.  I'll also be updating the downloadable copy of my web site in the next day or two...I'll keep you posted.


A special thanks goes out to Draconious, who is helping to do a little proof reading and error correcting on my site.

I've been spending some time putting the Map Design Guide together.  It should be complete now.


Ok, special thanks from everybody goes out to DeathTech for pointing out the obvious option for me - which is to simply make a ZIP file of the TA Design portion of my web site in its original HTML format.  Guess I'm just too new to this web design stuff.   So...if you want it, here it is in it's current form as of TODAY, 12/20/98.  The ZIP file should contain all the text from the TA Design portion of this web page, but does NOT include the downloadable units.  Let me know how it works out.


I've gotten a lot of request from people asking for the information contained in this site in a single downloadable file.  As a Christmas gift to everyone, I'm going to try to pull one together in the next week or so.  You'll see the web pages at this site change slightly in the next week or so as I convert them to simpler pages to make their conversion to a Word document a little more straightforward for myself.

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